Just want to encourage everyone to use our fundraiser options to help you reduce your cost. Any requests or orders should go through me. Robb or I will get it to you or give it to your coach. ALL fundraisers monies collected (100%) go to your daughters fee except Save Around, $10.00 goes towards our cost for purchasing books.

Fundraiser Choices

1. Donation Letter (attached)
2. Website Ad (attached)
3. League program Ad (attached): Program will be published in September 2016. Ad will be good until December 2018. I have also attached a proof of the league program that you can send to potential donors.
4. Modesto Area Save Around Book, sell for $25.00 (60%).
5.. Free Throw Shootathathon for Grades 4-8
6. Spring & Summer Camp Helpers (Robb will coordinate this with HS players)
7. May 13th Tourney Passes (Magic Challenge) Sell tickets to our tournament.
I will have individual passes to sell for $5.00 each. Let me know if your interested in selling these tickets.

Any questions, contact me.

Stan Silva

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