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Our Tournament this year will be May 11, 2019.  Schedule will be published by May 8, 2019.

We will be utilizing the Exposure Events program for scheduling the tournament this year.



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Tournament Rules in Coordination with AAU


High School rules apply.Games are scheduled every 1 hour and 10 minutes apart.The tournament staff will be keeping the scoresheets(scorebook).

  1. 4th Grade: 14 Minute Halves.
    2. 5th thru Varsity: 16 Minute Halves.
    3. All games are stopped clock; except that the clock shall run if a team is ahead by 25 pts or more in the 2nd half
    4. Minimum of 5 minute warm-up(pre-game) and 3 minute halftime
    5. Games shall start the later of:
    A. Scheduled Time
  2. 5 minutes following the completion of the prior game
    6. 10 second back court and On-Ball 5 second count while dribbling is in affect (in the front court only)
    7. Timeouts: 3 Full Time Outs and 2 – 30 Second Time Outs per game. 1 Additional Full Time Out per Overtime Period.
    8. Overtime: 2 minutes for the 1st overtime. 2nd OT on, 1 Minute.
    9. Free Throws: 6 Players in the lane plus the shooter. All players may enter the lane on release
    11. Each Player is disqualified on the 5th Personal Foul. Technical Fouls count as personal fouls. (6 fouls are only allowed at District Championships). Coach is required to sit after the first technical foul. Teams will shoot 1&1 on the 7th team foul of the half and 2 shots on the 10th team foul of the half.
  3. No Press: No Press past Half Court will be allowed by a team that is ahead by 25 points or more in the 2nd Half of the game. Pressing may resume if the lead is cut to 12 points or less. First Violation is a warning.

Thereafter it is a technical
13. Stopped Clock: All games will be stopped clock EXCEPT that the clock shall run if a team is ahead by 25 points or more in the LAST HALF.
14. Tie Breakers: In Order: (a) Head to Head (b) point differential (max 13 per game, all games) (c) total points allowed, all games



  1. Conduct/Sportsmanship: The highest level of conduct and good sportsmanship shall be required of all persons in attendance at PDTS Tournaments. There will be ZERO TOLERANCE of obscene, abusive, or confrontational language or behavior. Head coaches shall be responsible not only for their own behavior, but that of their coaches, staff, players, parents, and spectators associated with their team or club. This applies before, during and after a contest. If at any time an official or tournament staff member asks a coach to address an issue with a player, parent, or spectator, the coach must do so immediately. In the discretion of either an official or a tournament operator/site manager, Consequences for violations of this rule may include:
    Technical Foul assessed (Automatic 2 points and possession)
    Removal from the gym of any coach, player, parent or spectator (return at The discretion of the tournament director)
    NOTE: If a player’s parent or other family member is ejected from the Gym, it is REQUIRED that the player be ejected also.
    Forfeiture of the game, and any subsequently scheduled games.
    Home team (bottom of bracket or first team in Pool Play/Round Robin) will wear light jerseys. Visiting team will wear dark jerseys. If correct uniform not available, pinneys will be worn, and is the responsibility of the team without correct uniform.

Team must clean their benches after each game.


Ball size Girls – 28.5
No jewelry, plastic bracelets, ear rings, etc…Shall be worn by players.
The game may start earlier than scheduled time, only if both coaches agree to start early, NOT the Officials.


SPECTATOR ZERO TOLERANCE RULE: Any spectator involved in fighting (physical contact with another), spitting, or provoking behavior towards another person during, shall not be allowed in or around any gym of the event being held. Also shall not be allowed back to future events. Absolutely no profanity from spectators, players or coaches will be allowed. Any spectator that is causing a problem, (verbally) shall be asked to leave the gym, by lead official or site director. That spectator may/may not be allowed back to future games. Lead official or Site Director has the right to ask any person to leave the gym site.




Magic Challenge Gym Sites


  • Beyer HS
    1717 Sylvan Av Modesto 95355
  • Davis HS (Parking & Gym Entrance on Tully Rd)
    1200 Rumble Rd Modesto 95350
  • Riverbank HS (Parking & Gym Entrance on Patterson Rd)
    6200 Claus Rd Riverbank 95367
  • Downey HS (Gym & Parking lot on south end of campus)
    1000 Coffee Rd Modesto 95355
  • Modesto Chr HS (In Salida, CA but has Modesto address)
    5901 Sisk Rd Modesto 95356
  • Big Valley Chr HS (Campus near Field of Miracles)
    1020 Palendale Av Modesto 95356
  • Enochs HS (Parking lot by Tennis Courts. Enter campus by flagpoles)
    3201 Sylvan Av Modesto 95355
  • Johansen HS (Gym & Parking on backside of school near swimming pool)

641  Norseman Dr   Modesto 95357


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