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Modesto Magic Basketball Update as of May 19, 2020


Hope everyone is doing well during this pandemic.  We hope and pray this ends soon, so we ALL can do the things we want and need to do.
We will be making a final decision on the Summer Camps by May 21 (Social Distancing and Gym availability because of the Corona Virus situation).  
Next activity on the schedule would be our Fall League which would start September 5th.
If you have paid for the Spring League that was canceled(and have not asked for a refund yet) you have 4 options:
a.  Refund
b.  Move funds to another program (Fall, Winter or Spring).
c.  Donate to our program.  Tax ID # 93-1190554
d. Virtual Zoom classes ($5.00 per 30 min. session)  More details below.
Virtual Zoom Basketball Sessions will start May 19 (Tue).  We will try them for a week and see what the response is like.
ALL classes will be on Basic Basketball Skills for ages 6-13.  If your child is younger or older they are welcome to participate.
These classes will be FREE.  If the classes go beyond the first week, We would like to ask for a $5.00 fee per session. We still have bills to pay.
The fee will be voluntary because we don’t know how everyone is doing financially through this crisis and we want ALL kids to have the opportunity to participate.
How to pay and info to get on Zoom will be published later.
Class Schedule (30 min sessions):

Our first day (May 19) of classes we had some issues operating the program in the morning but the afternoon session went better.  We will have 2 more days of classes and then we will make a decision on whether we will continue.  Any feedback, suggestions for classes, schedule changes or any input to make these classes better is welcome.

Who:  Girls Gr 1-8 & Boys Gr 1-5
Cost:  FREE this week.
Equipment Needed:
1.  Basketball
2.  Basketball Hoop (Shooting class) 
3.  Water
Stan Silva is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting for May 20 & 21 (Wed & Thur).
Check in no earlier than 10 minutes before class.
If you ever have questions, raise your hand and we will turn your mike on to talk.
Class Schedule:
Time: May 20, 2020        10:00 AM            Shooting (30 min) 
Time: May 20, 2020        1:00 PM              Ball Handling & Dribbling (30 min) 
Time: May 21, 2020        10:00 AM            Ball Handling & Dribbling (30 min)
Time: May 21, 2020        1:00 PM               Shooting (30 min)
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 594 258 1347
Password: 0n11ZP
Contact me if you have any questions.


Also I have listed some educational and Basketball training sites below.  Just google basketball training to find lot more info. Most are free but some have a fee.
Education sites:
Basketball/Sports Sites:

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