League Philosophy, Safety & Rules

Updated 9/1/22

Player Safety

Please REMOVE any jewelry, piercings, earrings(studs), nose rings, wristbands, watches, any sharp or hard objects in your hair that could cause injury or you will not be allowed to play.  Taping over earrings or piercings will not be allowed We will have basic medical supplies at the gym. We also will have ice  bags for injuries and an AED onsite


League Objective  

Our goal is to provide a positive environment for girls to learn and develop their basketball skills. We will provide practice time, game experience, coaching, instructional materials, homework assignments and a home workout plan to help encourage and develop these skills.


League Rules

Our goal is to create a positive teaching and coaching environment.  We want the girls to learn the game fundamentals and have a positive experience doing it.  Our league will have special rules to help create that atmosphere.

  • NO score will be kept. The clock will be running time.  No Halftime.  Clock will not stop for substitutions, NO time outs.  Games will be 30-40 minutes (After practice ends). We will need volunteers to be clock managers for our practice sessions, if needed.
  • Mandatory substitutions every 4-5 minutes. Everyone must play at least ½ the game or 15 minutes.
  • NO pressing, pick up at half court exception grades 7-8 and High School can press last 10 minutes of the game.
  • Free Throws – Player will shoot one FT for a shooting foul on a missed basket and no FT if the basket is made.
  • Man to Man defense only. NO double teaming the ball handler.
  • Referees will not call everything in Grades 1-2. They will be stricter with their calls starting with grades 3-4.

Parents Help 

We will utilize parent volunteers to coach teams and assist in the practice sessions, if needed. If you are interested, please let us know.  Ideally, we would like to have 2 coaches per team, if needed.

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