FALL League 2018  Update for September 22

PLAYER SAFETY:  Please remove ALL jewelry, wristbands, ear rings (NO taping) and any sharp objects from your hair.  Players will not be allowed to play if they do not remove items.  Also, basic medical supplies, AED and ice will be at each gym site.
PLEASE Check In each Saturday at our table.  We like to take attendance and if we have any 
info for you, this is how we would like to communicate it to you.
Coaches: We still need coaches for ALL divisions.
Uniforms:  If you ordered a uniform and haven’t received it, we will have them on Saturday.
We will have T-shirts, Sweatshirts, Socks and other merchandise for sale.  Limited quantities and sizes available.
We will have more items for sale on Oct 20 & 27.  We accept cash, checks and ALL credit cards.
Teams/Rosters: I have attached rosters.  Grade 5-6 Girls only have teams. We separated Grade 3-4 Boys(By ability) into 2 groups.  We will look at this and make changes, if needed.  Everyone else, we will divide players into teams each week.
Schedule below is for September 15-October 13 (Sat Only) at Modesto Christian***.  
October 20 & 27 will be at Enochs HS.  Schedule for Enochs will be a little different. I will publish schedule next week (still working on it).  On Oct 27, we will be charging admission for all Adults 18 yrs old+ ($3.00).  Children 17U and Coaches are FREE.
Modesto Magic Basketball
September 22 @ Modesto Chr
Practice starts#              Court 1                       Court 2
11:30am                   Gr 1-2 Girls               45K Boys/Girls
12:45pm                   Gr 3-4 Girls               Gr 1-2 Boys
2:00pm                     Gr 3-4 Boys              Gr 3-4 Boys
3:15pm*                     Gr 5-6 Girls               Gr 5-6 Girls
                                 *LYNX/Storm      *MONARCHS/Sparks
4:30pm                     Gr 7-8 Girls               HS Girls


#  Game will start after practice (30 min).
*** Please bring portable seating.  NO bleachers.
If you would like to help us…

Order a SAVEAROUND coupon book for Modesto 2019.  We will receive a percentage back for each book sold.  We will 
also be selling these at our gym sites.
Thanks in advance for your support.

If you ever have any questions, please contact me.











Player Safety: Please DO NOT WEAR any jewelry, earrings, wristbands, watches or any sharp objects in your hair or you will not be allowed to play. Taping over earrings will not be allowed. We will have basic medical supplies onsite. We also will have an ice chest with bags of ice for injuries and a AED onsite.

Our goal is to create a positive teaching and coaching environment. We want the boy’s and girl’s to learn the game fundamentals and have a positive experience doing it. Our league will follow High School rules but will have special rules to help create that atmosphere.
NO score will be kept except for the last weekend. The clock will be running time. No Halftime. Clock will not stop for substitutions (15 sec) or time outs.

Mandatory substitutions approximately every 5 minutes. Referees will match up players on defense. Everyone must play at least ½ the game or 20 minutes.

Coaches have your players ready to substitute when referee gives the call. We have a Substitution Checklist to help make it easy.
NO pressing, pick up at half court after a change of possession, exception grades 7-8 can press last 10 minutes of the game. HS can press anytime.

Free Throws – We will only be shooting 1 shot during any FT situation except AND 1’s.

We will have referees for ALL age groups. We will not call everything in the younger age groups (Ages 4-2nd Grade). Encourage the younger players to dribble, pass, shoot and play defense. Coaches can get on the court to instruct. Referees will call the games more realistic in the older age groups. Please respect our Referees, they are here to help.

If you ever have any questions, please contact me.
Stan Silva



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