Fall League 2021



Fall League 2021 is planning to start in September 2021.  More details will come later.


















Modesto Magic Basketball

League Rules


PLAYER SAFETY:  Please remove ALL jewelry, wristbands, studs, ear rings (NO taping) and any sharp objects from your hair.  

Players will not be allowed to play if they do not remove items. 

Also, basic medical supplies, AED and ice will be at gym site.


Our goal is to create a positive teaching and coaching environment.  We want the boy’s and girl’s to learn the game fundamentals and have a positive experience doing it.  Our league will have special rules to help create that atmosphere.

  • NO score will be kept. The clock will be running time.  No Halftime.  Clock will not stop for substitutions or time outs.  Games will be 30-40 minutes (After practice ends).
  • Mandatory substitutions approximately every 5 minutes. Everyone must play at least ½ the game or 15 minutes.
  • NO pressing, pick up at half court exception grades 7-8 can press last 10 minutes of the game. HS can press anytime.
  • Free Throws Player will shoot one FT for a shooting foul on a missed basket and no FT if the basket is made.
  • Man to Man defense only. NO double teaming the ball handler.
  • Referees will not call everything in Ages 4 to 2nd They will be stricter with their calls starting with grades 3-4.
  • Any questions or concerns, ALWAYS talk to the league director.
  • Parents/Guardians: Be a positive role model. Help your child have FUN and learn the game.
  • Coaches: Be positive.  Insure each player rotates in and out of game.  Utilize substitution guide to prevent substitution mistakes.







If you ever have any questions, please contact me.
Stan Silva



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